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The Rising Tide of Corporate Tax Reform Will Lift All Boats?

Four recent examples highlight the disparate impact tax reform can have on fixed income investors.

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Two Reasons Why Investors Should Stop Worrying about Credit Spread Narrowing

Historically, Treasury curve flattening in a Fed tightening cycle is associated with a rally in credit spreads, up to a level of flatness.

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High Yield Volatility: Opportunity to Buy or a Symptom of Broader Risk?

Analyzing the source of recent volatility can help investors determine if recent spread widening is a symptom of broader systemic risk...

Anatomy of a Credit Market Sell Off

June 14, 2017

Historical evidence shows that in order for the overall credit index to widen meaningfully, a large industry needs to experience outsized problems or a handful of industries need to collectively weaken.

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6 Levers Insurance Investors Can Pull to Offset Yield Erosion

April 19, 2017

How can insurers counter the margin compression resulting from new money rates lagging portfolio book yields? In a series of upcoming blog posts, we will highlight opportunities and risks across the six traditional levers that insurance companies can pull to offset this yield erosion.

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