Voya Global Diversified Payment Fund Overview

Targeting Your Retirement Income Needs

Today's longer and more active retirements require not only a dependable payment stream but growth and diversification as well.

Voya Global Diversified Payment Fund seeks to meet these needs by providing, in a single fund:

Predictable Cash Flow Makes level, monthly payments per share, reset each year in January* A predictable payment stream to keep up with active retirement lifestyles
Growth Potential Goal of growing above this target payment rate over a 20-year period through a 70% equity allocation A way to provide for longevity of assets to correspond with today's longer life spans
Global Exposure The Fund is global in focus, starting from a 60/40 non-US/US mix An efficient way to increase allocations to non-US investments
Wide Diversification Strategic allocation into sub-asset classes such as global fixed income, real estate and small company stocks A single asset allocation solution for retirement investors
Managed Payments Voya adjusts the payout rate every year within a narrow range to respond to market conditions May help smooth out the sometimes volatile income streams of the underlying investments
Fund-of-Funds Structure Incorporates many of the “best” ideas of Voya's world-wide investment management experts Provides in one fund, growth potential, regular payments and diversification

Although the Fund is designed to serve as a diversified investment, no single mutual fund can provide an appropriate investment program for all investors. Investors should evaluate the Fund in the context of their personal financial situation, investment objectives and other investments.

* The annual payment rate is determined by share class, within a range of 3.25%-6.75% based on Voya's assessment of market conditions.

This Fund may be appropriate for investors who:

  • Are retired or approaching retirement
  • Are seeking to supplement their current cash flow
  • Could benefit from level monthly payments
  • Seek the potential for long-term growth
  • Desire global diversification and asset allocation by an experienced investment manager

Designed to meet the needs of different life stages

Approaching Retirement or In Retirement

  • Capital appreciation potential through a globally diversified portfolio
  • Ongoing asset allocation across multiple asset classes
  • Level monthly payments per share
  • Payment rate set annually based on market conditions and the Fund's performance

Approaching Retirement

  • Option of reinvesting payments for automatic investments into Fund

In Retirement

  • Option of reinvesting monthly payments to supplement current cash flow

Next Steps

  • Contact your financial professional