What Investors Need to Know About a Government Shutdown

September 27, 2023

Despite causing disruptions to many areas of government, budget impasses have historically had little lasting impact on markets, and this time will likely be similar.  

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Don’t Wait for Rate Cuts to Allocate to Bonds

September 21, 2023

As the market digests the September Fed meeting, history shows that the best entry points for bonds are often before the Fed starts cutting rates.

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Back to School, Back to Bonds

September 15, 2023

Is now the time to reduce the cash allocation in your portfolio? History shows that the best entry points for bonds are often before the Fed starts cutting rates.


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2023 outlook: The good, the bad and the unknown

December 20, 2022
For all the gloomy talk about the economy in 2023, stabilizing interest rates could be a bright spot for investors. But with imbalances lurking in the shadows, 2023 could be the year for higher-quality bonds, select large- and small-cap stocks, and private-market investments.
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Capital Market Assumptions 2023

November 23, 2022
Our long-term return expectations for capital markets serve as key inputs into our strategic asset allocation process for multi-asset portfolios and provide context for shorter-term forecasting.
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Why tech investors should keep an eye on China and the Fed

October 31, 2022
Don’t be distracted by the recent well-publicized earnings misses of several tech-sector giants – stocks did well in October overall. There are larger geopolitical, macro and company-specific factors at play that call for a nuanced approach to technology and tech-related stocks.
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Rates are in the driver’s seat

October 27, 2022
US markets have not taken kindly to the Fed’s renewed course of monetary tightening, but the effects of the Fed’s actions are stretching far beyond US shores.
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