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Active Ownership

Our mission is to help our clients meet their investment objectives and enable them to invest across a spectrum of returns, risk and ESG objectives.

Voya IM’s Active Ownership team promotes ESG best practices through our proxy voting and company engagements to improve a company’s long-term sustainability and maximize the economic interests of our clients.

Proxy Voting

  • We aim to vote in the economic best interest of our clients
  • We assess material ESG considerations in our proxy voting decisions
  • We offer proxy voting alignment to client ESG values through custom voting policy, Glass Lewis, or ISS’ SRI, Sustainability or Faith-based voting policy


  • We aim to engage with portfolio company management/board members to enhance the economic value of our investments, discuss ESG issues and promote best practices
  • Our Active Ownership team engages with companies held by our equities and our investment grade credit teams

Active Ownership

  • Our activities are designed to protect and enhance the economic value of the companies in which we invest on our clients’ behalf
  • We exercise voting rights at shareholder meetings
  • Our stakeholder collaboration encourages companies to drive value and long-term sustainability
  • We engage with issuers of securities in which invest




Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors can impact the investment risk and return profiles of our investments. Investing based on ESG factors may cause a strategy to take risks or forego exposures available to strategies or products that do not incorporate ESG factors, which could negatively impact performance.  There is no assurance that investing based on ESG factors will be successful. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.