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Don’t Wait for Rate Cuts to Allocate to Bonds

September 21, 2023

As the market digests the September Fed meeting, history shows that the best entry points for bonds are often before the Fed starts cutting rates.

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Navigating the Economy’s Twists and Turns

August 28, 2023

Hard landing, soft landing or somewhere in between? The good news is that many different paths could lead to a positive outcome for bond investors.

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Jobs Market Puts Fed in a “Hawkward” Situation

June 23, 2023

As we approach the halfway point of the year, all eyes remain on Federal Reserve policy and the severity of an economic slowdown.


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Multi-Asset Perspectives

August 21, 2023
Capital markets have responded positively to better-than-expected economic outcomes so far this year. While the United States has managed to avoid an official recession, growth is almost certain to slow and increases in profits will be challenged. Given this backdrop, we see equities trading sideways to slightly higher in the near term and we continue to favor the U.S. over the rest of the world.
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CIO Letter: A Volatile Journey to a Better Place

April 27, 2023
Moving away from an abnormal regime of crisis-era stimulus won’t be a smooth process. But the volatility should be easier to stomach knowing that the destination is likely to be a healthier, more balanced economy.
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2023 outlook: The good, the bad and the unknown

December 20, 2022
For all the gloomy talk about the economy in 2023, stabilizing interest rates could be a bright spot for investors. But with imbalances lurking in the shadows, 2023 could be the year for higher-quality bonds, select large- and small-cap stocks, and private-market investments.
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Rates are in the driver’s seat

October 27, 2022
US markets have not taken kindly to the Fed’s renewed course of monetary tightening, but the effects of the Fed’s actions are stretching far beyond US shores.
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